Co-owner in Anfi del Mar declared bancrupt

Co-owner in the infamous timeshare resort Anfi del Mar on southern Gran Canaria, Hermanos Santana Cazorla SL has been declared bancrupt by a local court.The company filing for bancruptcy is Isla Marina SL which has demands for 47 million euro.Are you a holder of timeshare weeks on Anfi del Mar but w...


Club La Costa has declared bancrupt

The timeshare company Club la Costa consists of a group of companies including Club La Costa (UK) PLC branch in Spain, Continental Resort Services S.L., Paradise Trading S.L.U. and California Beach SAU. Club La costa filed for bankruptcy on December 3, 2020. Club la costa, started its operation...


Establishing business on Canary Islands

Are you or your company considering establising on Gran Canaria or any other of the Canary Islands?We can help you with property purchases, establishing and/or creating companies, review the tax situation and be fiscal representative for companies in Spain. We also provide auditing services through...


Anfi del Mar and rumours

As we handle lots of claims regarding timeshare contracts in general and lots of claims towards the famous resort Anfi del Mar we have meet with an increasing number of misinformed clients. Some consultancy companies are selling timeshare solutions and misinforming their clients with facts like cour...


What happens in Hollywood Mirage, palm beach etc

After the company Silverpoint Vacations SL was declared bankrupt, which is still running, the facilities are now managed by the company Excel Hotels & Resorts SL. Many own timeshares in Hollywood Mirage, shares in companies in palm beach and so forward. Naturally, questions arise about how to ha...


Anfi del mar contacts customers to update previously signed contracts

Owners of timeshare weeks at Anfi del Mar are contacted by the timeshare facility with a request to sign new agreements. The facility claims that the old contracts must be updated in order for them to be in line with current legislation. This is a way for Anfi del Mar and the companies behind gettin...

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