Anfi del Mar and rumours

As we handle lots of claims regarding timeshare contracts in general and lots of claims towards the famous resort Anfi del Mar we have meet with an increasing number of misinformed clients. Some consultancy companies are selling timeshare solutions and misinforming their clients with facts like courts in Spain will not handle cases if they are not payed first. With this argument some clients have felt forced to pay the full amount for legal services presenting law suits at spanish courts at the moment they sign a contract for legal services. No such requirements exists in spanish courts.

There are also lot of misinformation about solvency at Anfi Del Mar at the moment. Do not rush in to anything before seeking correct information.

Do you have questions about your timeshare contracts at Anfi Del Mar or any other timeshare destination, feel free to contact with LR Lawyers / Abogados LR.

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