Changes in rental contract between your limited company and Silverpoint Vacations SL

Rental contract between Palm Beach Tenerife xxx SL and Silverpoint Vacations SL

Many of  our customers received a letter recently from Excel Hotels & Resorts S.A. regarding the rental contracts between each customers company and the company Silverpoint Vacations SL. In this letter problems are brought to attention regarding interest payments for 2018 and that the conversion of certificates to a title for each unit will be delayed. Its proposed that Excel Hotels & Resorts SA shall enter as new partner in a rental contract and that a new rental contract will be presented on the next share holders meeting. Further more its explained that the interest for 2019 shall be distributed during 2020. Regarding the interest for 2018 they refer to article 6 in the rental contract and state that they will not be able to follow whats mentioned therein, that is the 4,5 % interest that will not be paid out during 2018.


- What does this mean for you?

- What actions shoud you as a company owner and part of the contract take?

- Do I risk anything by entering a new contract with the new partner Excel Hotels & Resorts SA?

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