Have you received invoices from Hollywood Mirage and Club Paradiso in Tenerife?

Have you received invoices regarding yearly membership and/or maintenance fees for member clubs such as Hollywood Mirage or Club Paradiso after purchasing timeshare weeks from Resort Properties or Silverpoint Vacations? That could come as a surprise since Silverpoint Vacations entered into liquidation in early 2020. However, it is worth pointing out that the member clubs associated with these timeshare companies are separate legal entities with the power to take legal action against debtors. For example, Excel Hotels & Resorts are appointed by Hollywood Mirage to collect maintenance fees.


We are here to help those who did not participate in the liquidation process of the above timeshare companies and who now want to resolve the situation. Call our representative Graham Mitchell on +44 20 86380642 or email him at graham.mitchell@abogadoslr.com

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