Uncertain times for timeshare owners in Azure XP/Resorts at Radisson Blu, Golden Sands Malta

The management companies Azure XP Ltd and Azure Resorts Ltd belonging to the Limora Group have been appointed liquidators in the form of Alvarez & Marshall on April 28. Azure XP and Azure Resorts Ltd, which operated at the Radisson Blu Resort & Spa hotel, Malta Golden Sands, have sold a large number of timeshare weeks to European consumers, but through a scoring system it has not been quite clear to the buyers that this is just a timeshare. ). Membership duration has fluctuated between 25-30 years but has been stated to be flexible which has created uncertainty. Azure XP Ltd has marketed a digital holiday currency "XP" which has been exchanged for the use of boats, cars, cottages, cruises and hotels from their portfolio. Owners of weeks purchased by these companies have been informed that a new company will take over the facility but have not clarified whether the conditions will change.

Customers who are worried about their weeks at the Island Residence Club or other club membership at Radisson Blu Resort & Spa are welcome for a free initial consultation.

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