More timeshare trouble in Spain

Thousands of British timeshare owners are about to lose their timeshares as Silverpoint Vacations (known for their hotels Beverly Hills, Beverly Hills Heights, Hollywood Mirage, Palm Beach Tenerife and the vacation club Club Paradiso) has just filed for bankruptcy. Many of those affected bought into...


Bankruptcy decision Silverpoint Vacations

On the 1st of Febaruary the bankruptcy decision was published for Silverpoint Vacations SL. Anyone with a claim needs to communicate that claim this month. There after it is too late. Do you need help? Contact us today!    


Silverpoint Vacations has filed for bankruptcy

On the 15th of January, a notice was published in BORME with the information that the company Silverpoint Vacations SL had already filed for bankruptcy in December 2019. The official decision regarding the bankruptcy is not yet public but it’s just a matter of time, possibly a few weeks.I...


52 vacation certificates - sociedad limitada Tenerifa

Are you the owner of a limited liabilited company in Spain (Sociedad limitada)  which you purchased in an investment program where a transformation would take part in three years regarding some of the intangibles (52 vacation certificates). These companies were initially sold by Silverpoint Vac...


Avoid tax on inheritance of property before 1st of January 2020

Tax on inheritance of properties have been pretty much exent since 2008 but are now to be reinstated in the Canary Islands from 1st of January 2020. There are ways to avoid this tax if you can consider by gift transfer your property to children, relatives or someone else. Thus in order to save the f...


Timeshare contract null and void according to Maspalomas Court - Clients regain capital

LR Lawyers has for its clients won a case against Anfi del Mar on Gran Canaria regarding timeshare contracts. The court of Maspalomas instance 2 has decided contacts null and void and that invested capital should be repayed to our clients with interests.    

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