Uncertain times for timeshare owners in Azure XP/Resorts at Radisson Blu, Golden Sands Malta

The management companies Azure XP Ltd and Azure Resorts Ltd belonging to the Limora Group have been appointed liquidators in the form of Alvarez & Marshall on April 28. Azure XP and Azure Resorts Ltd, which operated at the Radisson Blu Resort & Spa hotel, Malta Golden Sands, have sold a larg...


Timeshare owners at the resort Radisson Blu Golden Sands, Malta in danger due to liquidation of Azure Resorts

The company Azure Services Ltd. has operated the facility Radisson Blu Golden Sands Spa and Resort in Malta for many years and many have bought timeshare there. In 2019, salesmen at Azure Services Ltd were told that they would be terminated. Now the timeshare owners have been notified that the owner...


Have you received invoices from Hollywood Mirage and Club Paradiso in Tenerife?

Have you received invoices regarding yearly membership and/or maintenance fees for member clubs such as Hollywood Mirage or Club Paradiso after purchasing timeshare weeks from Resort Properties or Silverpoint Vacations? That could come as a surprise since Silverpoint Vacations entered into liquidati...


More timeshare trouble in Spain

Thousands of British timeshare owners are about to lose their timeshares as Silverpoint Vacations (known for their hotels Beverly Hills, Beverly Hills Heights, Hollywood Mirage, Palm Beach Tenerife and the vacation club Club Paradiso) has just filed for bankruptcy. Many of those affected bought into...


Bankruptcy decision Silverpoint Vacations

On the 1st of Febaruary the bankruptcy decision was published for Silverpoint Vacations SL. Anyone with a claim needs to communicate that claim this month. There after it is too late. Do you need help? Contact us today!    


Silverpoint Vacations has filed for bankruptcy

On the 15th of January, a notice was published in BORME with the information that the company Silverpoint Vacations SL had already filed for bankruptcy in December 2019. The official decision regarding the bankruptcy is not yet public but it’s just a matter of time, possibly a few weeks.I...

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