Keys Lifestyle Concierge membership

Due to recent information about the winding up regarding Keys Concierge Ltd (application for winding up in august and its decision september) many of our clients which have bought in to the program Keys Lifestyle Concierge have been having questions about what to do. Many have been contacted by so c...


Paramount Club paradiso timeshare contracts

Do you have one or more timeshare contracts in the vacation club called Club Paradiso in Tenerife? Many are worried about the evolution right now since the premises has been closed.We are a law firm on the neighbour island Gran Canaria and none of us has a background from timeshare business. However...


New information regarding ELPP - Excel Overseas Lodging Participation Programme

In mid july investors in the ELPP-programme (Excel Overseas Lodging Participation Programme) received information from KaloAdvisors based on Cayman Islands.  The mayority owner of the Dubai based company Excel Overseas Holdings Ltd demanded (EOH) liquidacion of the mentioned company in a court...


Future purchase of apartment from Homes under the Sun SL

Have you signed a contract to buy an apartment in three years? Many find them selves in a stressful situation having bought into an investment where they are to be owners of an apartment in three years and mean while they will be reveiving interest of 4,5 % each year. The only problem is that the...


Share holders meetings on Teneriffa this week

Many have bought into different ownership models on Teneriffa. Many are now owners of part of companies or 100 % owners of limited liability companies on Teneriffe, Spain. Many does not have the legal control of their company although they are the share holders. During this week share holders meeti...


Changes in rental contract between your limited company and Silverpoint Vacations SL

Rental contract between Palm Beach Tenerife xxx SL and Silverpoint Vacations SL Many of  our customers received a letter recently from Excel Hotels & Resorts S.A. regarding the rental contracts between each customers company and the company Silverpoint Vacations SL. In this letter problems...

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